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Injection of fillers

They are different types of fillers : The absorbable ones that have a limited life and that disappear completely after some months and the non-absorbables. At Myfaceclinic, we do not use any non absorbable product and we have developped techniques using different type of Hyaluronic acid fillers present on the market. Some are used for deep injections, some for light wrinckles.

Indications in aesthetic surgery

An injection of fillers can correct, in a simple and quick way, some signs of aging on the face by filling or bringing volume where it is necessary.

The most frequently corrections done can be separated in four groups:

  • Folds : naso labial folds (from the nose to corner of the mouth), marionnette lines (from the corner of the mouse on each side of the chin), chin labial fold….
  • Wrincles and fine lines : forehead, «wrinckel of the lion» (between brows), «crow’s foot» (at the corner of eyes), cheeks, chin, lines around the mouth.
  • Lips : redign contour, thicken the lips if they are too fine or to make them more pulpy
  • Depressions (hollow cheek) or volume insuffciencies: cheekbones, chin, contour, cheeks, nose, residual scarring (acne, chicken pox, injury…)

After effects

  • Local reactions after injections : oedema, redness, paleness, irregularities, sensitivity, itches, bruises. Those reactions are temporary.
  • Labial herpes : for predisposed patients.
  • Acute or chronic inflammatory reaction: possible after secondary injection in a zone that has been previously infected with other products, in particular non absorbable products.
  • Granuloma : very rare but the most classical after effect. With hyaluronic acid fillers, granulomas are extremely rare and most of the time disappear spontaneously after few weeks. With non absorbable products, they can appear more frequently or lately and will take much longer to disappear. For this reason, we do not use non absorbable fillers.
  • Extremely rare after effects: some cases have been described of redness persisting few weeks, abscess or cutaneous necrosis localised at the injection point.


It is recommended to avoid injecting pregnant women, patient under aspirine or anticoagulant, and patient suffereing from evolutive collagenose

Sources : Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique  Reconstructrice et Esthétique (SOF.CPRE)

Botulinum toxine

Aesthetic indications

Botulinum toxine is used for the treatment of wrinckles caused by muscular contractions. It is very effective with glabellar and forehead lines, crow’s feet and lower lid wrinckles.

Side effects

Side-effects are linked to the diffusion of the product to neighbouring muscles and are always reversible. Headaches, oedemas, forehead tensions or fixity sensations are very rare since we have limited to 2 injections at each point with more natural effects. The only real side-effect, ptosis of the lid is rare: 0,5 to 3% according to statistics and always reversible.


Pregnancy – breast feeding – hypersensibility to the product – neuromuscular diseases are searched as well as local inflammation or coagulation disorder.

In summary

Botulimum toxine A is the first treatment active on the muscular action causing wrinckles But sagging of tissues can only be treated by blepharoplasty or surgical correction.

Those injections are without risk if made by a Medical Doctor with a precise knowledge of facial muscles, their function and their interactions, respecting contraindications.

Sources : Syndicat National de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthétique (

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